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Star for Distinguished Service #2

Sep 26, 2021

Imya Jori wrote

While Kyle had earned 3 Duty Ribbons for his contributions aboard the USS Reliant. When the call went out about the recent Fleet Action, Kyle dove right in and participated in 9 of the competitions throughout all three phases earning himself 9 challenge coins. He also placed second in one of them earning a Starfleet Silver Star! Members like Kyle helped Task Force 93 come out strong, so because of his dedication to Task Force 93 as well as Bravo Fleet for a whole, I am nominating Kyle for the Star for Distinguished Service Award!

Star for Distinguished Service #1

May 24, 2021

From writing both on the forums as well as on games all the way to competitions Kyle doesn’t shy away from any of those areas. He has participated in 17 competitions, with a good majority of it being during the Raptor Wings Fleet Action event where he had earned 2 Gold Stars, 1 Silver Star, and 2 Bronze Stars. He had also received the Star Cluster for placing 2nd in TF86 Smuggler’s Escape competition.

While participating in competitions is good there are other areas to get involved and writing seems to come easy for Kyle. He has received 10 duty ribbons for posts on different games he has participated in which included his own games that he ran. Kyle has also received 7 service ribbons for his writing on the forums which would equal out to 1,750 words.

For his continued activity I am happy to nominate Kyle for the Star for Distinguished Service award.

— Captain Azras Dex, TF93 Commanding Officer

Kyle was the Bravo Fleet Academy Commandant from late April 2020 to mid-September 2020. During this time, he developed a list of course offerings and the initial version of the New Member Program, which was then called Bravo Fleet 101, a course that helped several new members get acclimated to the fleet. The groundwork he set helped us figure out what we needed out of an academy and provided an excellent foundation to where it is now. The fleet thanks him for his service in this area.

— RADM Aubrey Seagraves, Bravo Fleet Operations Officer