Star Cross #1

Jul 18, 2021
Since his last medal on May 10th, MJ has continued to be an exceptionally active member and has led Task Force 17 with aplomb. Within his unit, I am particularly pleased to recognize his initiative to create and promote the Expedition Delta Rising storyline, which is just the latest example of his work to engage our members. This is further evidenced by the sheer volume of activity ribbons, medals, and promotions that he has handled personally over the last several months. Week after week, Task Force 17 continues to be active, engaged, and productive, thanks in no small part to MJ's leadership. In terms of his personal activity, he has earned two Action Medals, one with a Star Cluster and another with a Planet Cluster, in addition to organizing a competition of his own. Where MJ continues to shine is his writing, with 95 Service Ribbons earned for 23,750 words of fiction written, in addition to 7 Duty Ribbons for posts on his own game, which is currently the only NX-era game in our organization. For exceptional leadership within his unit and for continued outstanding activity, I am pleased to nominate MJ for the Star Cross.