Silver Palm #1

Jul 18, 2021
Since his promotion on May 10th, Woozamagoo has continued to be one of our stand-out members, both in terms of his personal activity but also in terms of his new leadership of Task Force 86. Woozamagoo participates in RPG writing, solo writing, and competitions, earning substantial recognition in all three of these areas: 6 duty ribbons for posts on his own game, 34 service ribbons for 8,500 words of fiction, and two Action Medals, one with a Galaxy cluster and another with a Star cluster, in addition to the three competitions he organized on behalf of his unit. Being an active competitor, an active RPG writer, or an active solo writer would all individually be worthy of recognition, but Woozamagoo continues to show that he's able to walk and chew gum at the same time, being both personally active and a conscientious unit leader, nominating the vast majority of TF86's awards, promotions, and ribbons himself over the last several months. For his personal activity and unit leadership, I am pleased to nominate Woozamagoo for the Silver Palm.