Jonathan Archer Order of Merit #1

Sep 23, 2021
Treylana - this guy! This guy right here is one of the reasons TF17 won the Tkon Challenge Fleet Action! An absolutely legend amount of quality writing, diving into every competition as soon as they came out to secure those lucrative early entry spots, and the places that go with them! Treylana was constantly engaging with TF members, helping to drive enthusiasm for competitions, reminding members to get entries in and generally just being an awesome cheerleader for the TF and for the Fleet Action as a whole! An infectious attitude really helped drive the TF forward to victory!

34 Competition entries and the Challenge Coins to go with them means that Treylana has a lot of coinage to go around! And when you enter almost ever single competition there is, placements are natural to come! 5 Gold Stars, 3 Silver Stars and 5 Bronze Stars in the medal haul isn't just respectable, it's one of the best over the entire Fleet Action!

And lets not forget the fiction! So much quality writing contributing to the overall story of the Fleet Action! By my count Treylana produced over half of what he'd written prior to the Fleet Action! Yikes! And I thoroughly enjoyed reading it all!

But, not only did Treylana help drive the TF to victory, he snatched 2nd place overall across the entire event! How awesome is that? That deserves some recognition I think and for that I'm nominating Treylana for the Jonathan Archer Order of Merit!