Star for Distinguished Service #1

Dec 21, 2021
Erill’Yn Mek, aka Wooz, has been consistently engaged and active with his task force since the fleet action, demonstrating exceptional leadership, especially when it comes to engaging individual members and bringing them into the fold. Coupled with above-average personal activity, he demonstrates very clearly the ideal we hope to see from unit leaders. In terms of his personal activity, since his last medal on September 20th, he has earned 2 Service Ribbons and 12 Duty Ribbons, most of which are from the Altai, an RPG that he runs very competently, and which therefore gives other members opportunities to engage. The vibrant game he has created is an excellent model for other GMs to follow. Wooz also entered 6 competitions, placed in two with an Action Medal with Galaxy Cluster and an action Medal with Star Cluster, and created 5 very fine ones of his own for TF86’s contributions to Operation: Homestead.

As a leader, I am consistently impressed with Wooz’s ability to connect with his members. Specifically, his work with Carrie Metrios to help them integrate into Starbase 86 was above and beyond what I would consider to the baseline duties of the TFCO position. His interactions with others on Discord are always positive, and he sees the best in people in a way that helps them stay active. Though TF86 started the time after the Fleet Action as one of the smallest TFs, it is now second-largest thanks to his efforts for retention. For his exceptional leadership and above-average personal activity, I am pleased to nominate Wooz for the Star for Distinguished Service.