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Meritorious Service Cross #1

Mar 06, 2022
When a member is noticeably active, words of praise alone can only go so far, and at such a time a member should be commended through official recognition through the Office of the Chief of Staff. Lieutenant Commander Tia Dalia Savik is one such member. Since their last promotion at the end of January, Lieutenant Commander Savik has burst out of the gates, earning herself an impressive 41 Service Ribbons totaling approximately 10,250 words of solo fiction and 5 Duty Ribbons for collaborative writing with her former mentor. An impressive haul in such a short period of time. Also they've just celebrated one year with us in Bravo Fleet! However, mere numbers cannot fully capture the greater than average amount of activity over a period of several weeks that Lieutenant Commander Savik has displayed not only through their fiction writing, but their continued engagement with the community in the Discord server. The Bravo Fleet Meritorious Service Cross is awarded to an individual that meets such criteria and it is my pleasure to nominate her for this award.