Star Cross #1

May 23, 2022
Captain Erill'Yun Mek, aka Wooz, has continued to be a shining example to many in Bravo Fleet for his exceptional level of service to our great community. Since his last award on December 21st 2021, he has been the leader of two Task Forces and the Deputy Operations Officer. His transition from Task Force 86 to Task Force 17 went without a hitch. Wooz never complained about the idea of moving over to Task Force 17, instead, he embraced the idea and change in such a positive way. This is what makes him such an incredible Task Force Commanding Officer. He sets the bar high with quality work and truly believes in everything Bravo Fleet stands for in providing such an amazing atmosphere for its members to enjoy. His strong leadership and commitment to ensuring whatever unit he is in makes a significant difference to our members. The constant encouragement, support and coaching of those under his leadership ensures great activity and membership activity. He does this by the example he sets from his activity. He has created and ran two competitions during this time and entered four of them, where he placed in three of them (one Action Medal with Star Cluster and two Action Medals with Planet Cluster). This extraordinary amount of activity over this long period of time is amazing and he never stops! 

That said his work as the Game Manager of one of our most successful Role-Playing Games, the USS Altai, has shown that he is committed to the writing element that Bravo Fleet offers its membership. Nine duty ribbons show how much he is eager to engage in collaborations with his fellow writers and to top this off an impressive forty-five service ribbons, that's over six thousand seven hundred and fifty words were written during this period. His development of the plotline on the Altai enables our members an outlet to try something they enjoy within a great group. His positive attributes to allow the Altai members to try anything out assists greatly too. 

Alongside all of this, he has been training up Brendan (his new Task Force Executive Officer who is becoming a powerhouse himself), supporting the creation of Task Force 17’s Lore and nominating various members for promotions, awards and medals. As I said before, Wooz never stops and I'm pretty certain if he could eat and breath Bravo Fleet he would (or does already!). He is a shiny example to so many on how to get it right with the balance of commitment and for that, we cannot thank him enough. He gets on with the job, does it with a smile and always produces first-class activity.

For his excellent level of activity, leadership and participation in Bravo Fleet, I am proud to nominate Wooz for the Star Cross. Well done Wooz!
As both a Staff Assistant and a TFCO, Wooz has made significant contributions to the Lore Office. He participated greatly in the development of new Task Force 17 canon in the form of its new TFHQ and the Typhon Frontier, both by writing content and brainstorming ideas. Of particular note is his work for the Tech Team on our project to incorporate new canon ship classes into BF, taking on the development and writing for the Sutherland class and additional relevant technology wiki articles.