Legion of Merit #1

Jul 29, 2022
Once again, I am delighted to be nominating Captain Erill'Yun Mek (aka Wooz) for another of our highest awards for his exceptional work and dedication to Bravo Fleet. This time he has shown a bundle of enthusiasm and activity before, during and after our recent Fleet Action, Sundered Wings.

It is no surprise that Wooz did exceptionally well, taking fourth place overall; he certainly set the standard high with his participation. Task Force 17 came in third place too! By entering twenty-four competitions, he earned twenty-four Challenge Coins and received one Silver Star and two Bronze Stars for placing in three of these competitions. We expect our Task Force staff to set the standard and this he has certainly done!

Alongside this with the run-up to the FA, during and after he has written over eight thousand, five hundred and fifty words of fiction, earning fifty-seven Service Ribbons alongside three Duty Ribbons. He has delighted us with the adventures of the crew of the USS Ahwahnee during the fleet action and how they helped out the residents on Foshir III.

His impressive ribbon rate does not stop there either, on 8th July he joined the Game Night and received his first thirty Combat Action Ribbons for completing a range of party games.

As always, I am grateful for Wooz’s consistent approaches as Task Force 17’s Commanding Officer, and his steadfast leadership in leading one of our units. Task Force 17’s membership did change prior to the start of the FA, with a few active members volunteering to join Task Force 47, nevertheless, Wooz has worked hard (along with Brendan, his TFXO) to soldier on and not give up. Building up momentum on the eve of a Fleet Action is a challenge and I am pleased to see that he didn’t give up. It should be noted that since his last award (May 23rd 2022), he has submitted one award and five promotions, including three battlefield promotions, for those under his leadership. But awarding people for their activity is not the only approach a Task Force CO is involved with. During the FA, Wooz was a constant presence in the Task Force 17 Lounge in encouraging and engaging our members to get involved. Almost every week of the FA, he was reminding members about what was on offer, praised others for their contributions in writing and shared his own experiences and enjoyment of the event. Through his leadership, Task Force 17 wrote just over 7% of the total fiction (3 active participants, including himself who wrote 13,250 words) and had four members enter into competitions. He has worked actively hard to encourage new members to try out everything that Bravo Fleet has to offer, from using the Academy, to writing solo entries and being involved in our RPGs (including Starbase Bravo). Wooz is someone who is passionate about Bravo Fleet and this is shown in how he engages with our community.

And it does not stop there. Alongside this, his duties as Deputy Operations Officer are always appreciated as he provides me with counsel on a range of matters that come across the Operations Department. Being one of our Game Managers (for the USS Altai) he provides our members with another source to show creativity and originality. With six members participating, the Altai is at the centre of excitement near the Breen frontier.

So without further delay, I am happy to recommend this next shiny medal to add to Wooz’s impressive array of awards! Well done!!