Rachel Garrett Order of Heroism #1

Dec 19, 2022
Since his promotion to Fleet Captain on October 4th, 2022, Fleet Captain Erill'Yun Mek, aka Wooz, has taken the leap as one of our first Task Force Commanding Officers to create, organise and coordinate a Bravo Fleet Campaign. This is no mean feat and was something he was eager to do. Working hard alongside the Intel Office, Wooz has shown great enthusiasm and leadership as he has focused on not just running Task Force 17 but also successfully providing an event for our great community.

His passion, imagination and vision have shown that with great dedication much can be achieved and the level of work was exceptional. Before during and after the campaign, Wooz achieved seven duty ribbons, these were for his work in creating the over-arching stories for the campaign as he wrote about the work that the Task Force 17 leadership were doing deep in the Delta Quadrant. His final collaboration with his task force executive officer was a rip-roaring storytelling adventure, which saw the loss of the USS Discovery but THE most imaginative way that a Starfleet probe can be used to manipulate subspace to ‘suck up’ all of the Blood Dilithium from the Gradin Belt! Furthermore, he teased us with a snippet of the adventures of the USS Ahwahnee during this campaign, receiving three service ribbons.

Wooz is without a doubt, one of our strongest Task Force Commanding Officers, who knows how to encourage those in his unit that he leads. He is an excellent role model through his encouragement and discussions with everyone across our community. His enthusiasm to praise others for their work and contributions is infectious and is what makes Task Force 17 a wonderful place to be a part of.

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Wooz for the Rachel Garrett Order of Heroism! Thank you Wooz for your recent efforts and contributions to our amazing community!
Blood Dilithium has been, without a doubt, the most successful stand-alone campaign Bravo Fleet has ever run, with activity vastly surpassing its predecessors and rivalling that of the annual Fleet Actions with a whopping 323 Stories published. That might be down to the members - but those members were inspired by the vision, planning, and storytelling of one man, and that's Wooz. When the Intelligence Office wanted to invite a TFCO to run a campaign, there was only one choice with where to begin, and this decision paid off in spades.

From the start, Wooz showed himself a close study of past campaigns, clearly understanding what had worked before - and what he wanted to change. He laid out an innovative and exciting concept, and shaped it into a winning form that would deliver the maximum support, excitement, and inspiration for the membership. That he didn't do this alone does not in the slightest take away from his achievement. It takes selflessness and thought to take on board feedback and make changes, and Wooz knew when to listen to the IO, or when to hold his ground. It takes clear communication and great teamworking skills to bring in other voices and make them part of the planning, and Wooz was faultless in including his TFXO Brendan as a source of ideas and a strong right hand in implementing this vision. I cannot overstate my tremendous respect for Wooz's work throughout the campaign. His focus was on, rather than himself and his activity as a member, supporting the campaign and other players as the weeks dragged out. Like clockwork, story developments were planned, written, and released. Every member who earned a ribbon, a medal, or a competition for participating in Blood Dilithium owes that activity to Woozamagoo. I am extremely proud as BF Intelligence Officer to give my support to this nomination.