Legion of Merit #1

Dec 22, 2022
Captain Th'lora Vehl (aka Treylana Hess/Brian) has been super busy since his last award on July 29th 2022, when he received the Rachel Garett Order of Heroism. Over the past five months, his work as Task Force 72 Commanding Officer continues to shine across our community. Brian is certainly shown consistency in setting the standard for those in his unit on what it means to be an active member.

Participating in twenty-seven competitions, he has placed in two-thirds of them (eighteen in total). He has received one Action Medal with Star Cluster, eight Action Medals with Planet Cluster, eight Action Medals with Moon Cluster and one Action Medal with Comet Cluster. Recently he placed 1st in the 'Story Posters of Operation Blood Dilithium - Medium' competition and placed 1st in The Devore Minefield competition. Alongside this, he created and ran two competitions back in August just after the Fleet Action. They were TF72: Refugee Resettlement and TF72: Fighting Farmers.

Something else that Brian enjoys being involved with is gaming, especially our gaming nights. He has been involved in four of them since August and has received one hundred and eight Combat Action Ribbons for this. On top of this, he has been involved with our Star Trek: Online fleet and was awarded one Campaign Ribbon for achieving Level 6 with three or more Reputation projects on one character.

Another thing he has been awarded for was his Starfleet Readiness Medal, after he successfully recruited Ravenwolf (2483) to Bravo Fleet after she had reached the rank of Ensign.

His work as Task Force 72 Commanding Officer continues to encourage his fellow players to be involved in all that is on offer. Brian, as mentioned before, is normally one of the first to welcome new members and always keeps things going in the Task Force 72 lounge. This was evident when he received one Duty Ribbon for setting the scene for Task force 72’s first Priority Mission earlier this year with his former Task Force Executive Officer. He participates with interest in all that is worked on among the Bravo Fleet Command too.

So with all of that in mind, I am happy to end the year by presenting Brian with the Legion of Merit for everything he has achieved so far. Congratulations!