Legion of Merit #1

Jan 22, 2023
If you’re a regular watcher of either our OCS or Stories feed on Discord, you can see that Fleet Admiral Zack Marshall-Bennet, a.k.a MJ, is one of our most prolific writers. Honestly, he is the sort of writer who breaks the system in a good way—he writes so much that past precedents on activity aren’t always very helpful when it comes time for us to award him! Indeed, since his most recent recognition on October 14th, 2021, he has earned 1,597 service ribbons which equal 399,250 words of fiction written across the Odyssey and other venues! He also earned 39 duty ribbons for 39 joint pieces of writing on his own RPG, the Endeavour, and in other settings. This is a phenomenal amount of writing.

When not writing, MJ also organized an amazing 19 competitions and participated in 8 competitions of others, placing in all 8 of them! He also earned 7 Sundered Wings Challenge Coins for the competitions that he organized during the Sundered Wings Fleet Action. In addition, he earned 20 Combat Action Ribbons. Combined with his writing, this set of activity shows that MJ is active across all areas of the fleet, which is to be commended, especially considering that he has been a staffer for the entirety of this period.

For exceptional activity, and on behalf myself and the BFCO, I am pleased to award Fleet Admiral Zach Marshall-Bennet the Legion of Merit!