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Meritorious Service Cross #1

Feb 14, 2023
When a member has attained a certain level of activity within the fleet, it is the honour of the Task Force staff to recognize that member for their hard work and dedication. Today, I have the privilege of recognizing Ensign Joshua Bryant.

Since earning the rank of Ensign, Joshua has participated in 10 competitions, in which he has placed in 6 of them, earning himself 2 Action medals each with Star Clusters and Moon Clusters, and 1 each with Planet and Comet Clusters respectively. He's also taken the liberty of organizing and running the 'SURVIVAL 101 – ARCTIC THEME' and 'The Genus Genius' competitions for his fellow fleet members. Joshua has also chosen to take up writing, as many others in the fleet have done. In doing so, he has earned himself 5 Duty Ribbons and 2 Service Ribbons all for stories on Starbase Bravo.

For the activity mentioned above, it is my pleasure to nominate Ensign Joshua Bryant for the Meritorious Service Cross. Congratulations on a job well done!