Promotion Criteria

Time in Previous Rank
6 months
Nomination Process
Only Task Force Commanding Officers/ Department Heads, or above, can nominate someone to the rank of captain.
Below is what considered when a nomination is under review by the Chief of Staff.
  • The third senior officer, captain, is a significant achievement for any Bravo Fleet member, because it is signified by the most coveted insignia of the Star Trek universe and because it can only be earned through a year of consistently high activity and strong service to the fleet. When nominating members to this rank, unit and department leaders will consider the sum total of a member's activity and contributions ot the fleet since their previous promotion. Generally, successful nominations for this rank are for members who have obtained multiple Merit or Recognition Awards as commanders.
  • While leadership is not required for this rank, mentorship, recruitment, staff work and measurable project work will count highly in OCS considerations of nominations. Consistency in activity and/or service must be seen across the TIG; if a member spends some time in the Reserves or does not demonstrate measurable activity for a period of time, they should demonstrate consistent activity equivalent to the full TIG before they are nominated for promotion to captain. Meeting the TIG does not mean that a member will automatically be nominated for this rank, as it will take someone with less activity longer to demonstrate their suitability for promotion.

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