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Ryoko Takato's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Captain

    • Being promoted to the rank of Captain is one of, if not the most, sought after positions of every Starfleet officer in the Trek universe, and is also the envy of every Bravo Fleet member. It signifies not only exceptional activity, but also dedication and commitment to Bravo Fleet as an organization. Captains, as the final rank before becoming a flag officer, have the privilege and responsibility to act as role models for others, offering guidance and mentorship where possible.

      That being said, Commander Sazra Kobahl, also known as RaWolfe, has demonstrated activity that has been exemplary and a model to all others who aspire to achieve this milestone. Since his most recent promotion to Commander on 5 February 2023, RaWolfe has logged an impressive amount of activity, especially during ‘The Lost Fleet’ Fleet Action, which earned him the Jonathan Archer Order of Merit on 2 July 2023 for his consistent high activity to the fleet.

      Since his award, he has also received 37 Service Ribbons representing approximately 9,200 words written for his compelling fiction on board the USS Mariner as well as the Avalon Fleet Yards sandbox. Well done! He was also among the first to complete the Bravo Fleet Academy ‘Plot Development Program’ recently on 29 July 2023, a program which takes dedication and commitment to complete. Great job!

      Writing isn’t all that he does, RaWolfe is also a competition enthusiast, having participated in 8 separate competitions, including ‘Next Generation Puzzle’, ‘Erase the Periodic Table’, Kindergarten Kaper’s, and more. He has also created and organized 6 of his own competitions, including ‘How many words can you find?’, The Beauty of 72’, ‘The supreme assistant of the 4th Fleet’, and more. And when he enters competitions, he enters expecting to win, having earned the Action Medal with Moon Cluster for the competition ‘Who Did the Atlantis Bring to the Party’. Well done!

      With all that has been mentioned above, it is my honor and privilege to nominate Commander Sazra Kobahl, aka RaWolfe, to the rank of Captain. Congratulations on achieving this well deserved promotion and remarkable accomplishment, we cannot wait to see what you achieve next!
    • I am happy to be supporting RaWolfe's promotion to captain. From 13th February 2023 to 19th March 2023, RaWolfe served as Task Force Commanding Officer for Task Force 86. He was determined and focused to want to continue what we established while he was Task Force 86 Executive Officer. Taking over the reins after only a few months, RaWolfe showed his readiness and eagerness.

      He set a good example as the leader of his unit by engaging everyone on a daily basis. Providing constant encouragement and ideas to other members on how they could access the wide variety of activities that Bravo Fleet offers meant members were able to progress in their ranks and have a lot of fun.

      When he had to step down as TF86CO, though it was sad, it was understandable, but RaWolfe established a good place for his successor to continue the great work.
    14 August 2023
  • Promoted to Commander

    • After four months as a lieutenant commander, it is time to celebrate the many achievements that Lieutenant Commander Ryoko Takato, aka RaWolfe, has attained during this time in grade.

      First off, let’s talk about the amazing work he has done since becoming Task Force 86’s Executive Officer on November 2nd 2022. In that short amount of time, RaWolfe has jumped into understanding this role as a staff member with enthusiasm and determination to do his best for our members. RaWolfe is a consistently active member not only in the Task Force 86 lounge but across Discord as well. Constantly engaging others in a range of topics and encouraging as many members to participate in activities to help them towards their awards and promotions, RaWolfe has become the official head cheerleader for all things 86! Furthermore, he is always happy to help members, especially our newbies, settle into our great Star Trek community.

      Since his last promotion over four months ago, he has been awarded three times for his activity and all of them have been for an impressive amount of high activity. This is another great example of how much he is an excellent role model to others. First off he was awarded a Star Cross in the middle of October, which showed off the wide range of activities he was involved with. From being an active member across many of our RPGs, including Eos Station, USS Altai and RRW Jarok. Only a couple of months later and RaWolfe was awarded the Legion of Merit, down to his impressive rate of involvement not only with the Blood Dilithium Campaign (where he was writing for the crew of the USS Damascus) but also for his management of his RPG, Outpost Houtman. Writing aside, his constant participation in competitions is another example of his involvement within Bravo Fleet. He placed 1st place in a few competitions and has created many himself. Furthermore, he has been involved in gaming activities too! Then recently he received the Silver Palm, and again he does not stop being involved in so much across Bravo Fleet.

      For his tireless efforts in contributing so much not only to Task Force 86 but also to Bravo Fleet as a whole, it is certainly time that we recognise the multiple achievements that RaWolfe has shown and without further delay, I am happy to promote him to the rank of Commander. At this rate, the next six months will quickly go by and hopefully, we will be seeing that fourth shiny pip arrive. Thank you RaWolfe being such a great member and an awesome Task Force Executive Officer!
    05 February 2023
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

    • Sazra Praugol (aka RaWolfe on the discord) is proving to have a Bravo Fleet career that would be the envy of James Kirk. Having rejoined Bravo Fleet a little more than a month ago, RaWolfe has become a vibrant and encouraging member of our community, rising through the ranks even faster than I have done. I can hardly remember a time before RaWolfe was brightening the halls of the Task Force 17 lounge with kind words and a competitive spirit. RaWolfe has gone boldly to take part in everything Bravo Fleet has to offer from writing the exciting adventures of the USS Jaxartes, to prolifically role playing on the Eos Station and USS Altai RPGs, to gaming and studying at BF Academy, along with growing that collection of medals for Bravo Fleet's puzzle and writing competitions. Every day, I value RaWolfe's contributions to the task force, showing care and creating excitement for all our members. He's even provided inspiration for my own participation in competitions and acted as a generous writing partner with me.

      RaWolfe has accomplished many an achievement. He has reached at least level 7 on the discord server, from his daily engagement in conversation across the channels, especially the TF 17 lounge. He has earned at least fifteen service ribbons from writing two concurrent missions, exploring the origins of his crew, while following their adventures in the Typhon Frontier in present day. To populate his primary command, RaWolfe has created a well-developed biography for Yeoman Room Tae-Young and has listed at least 5 characters on BFMS. Further, RaWolfe has entered at least 12 Bravo Fleet competitions and is regularly championing the whole task force to join in too.

      It is with exceeding excitement I announce RaWolfe's impressive milestone of being promoted to Lieutenant Commander! It's a good thing you've already written so many journeys of your Raven-class ship, because you're about to have a claw-machine's worth of choice for a shiny new starship to command! Congratulations, RaWolfe!
    25 September 2022
  • Promoted to Lieutenant

    • They say Starfleet Officers are the best and the brightest across the Federation, and RaWolfe (aka Sazra Praugol) has been showing up as a testament to that assessment! Be it building community across the Discord, including Task Force 17’s lounge, or prolifically telling the tales of the USS Jaxartes across two time periods, RaWolfe has been a shining star among officers. The way the Jaxartes has embraced the priority mission of the task force has been inspiring to behold. RaWolfe is no stranger to Bravo Fleet’s competitions too, stretching one’s intellect at puzzles galore.

      We’re all extremely proud of RaWolfe’s accomplishments. For reaching at least level 6 on Bravo Fleet’s discord, for listing at least three characters on BFMS, for earning at least 12 service ribbons and for entering at least 8 competitions, I am honoured to promote RaWolfe to Lieutenant!
    07 September 2022
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

    • RaWolfe has been a paragon of activity during the twelve days of his most recent Bravo Fleet stint. It's hard to believe it hasn't been longer than that, actually, given the amount that he has gotten done. Immediately storming into the Discord, he has made himself a pillar of the Task Force 17 community already, slinging in competition entries and fiction installments left right and centre. Since disintegrating the TF17 record for progressing through the cadet ranks and consequent promotion to Ensign on August 22nd, RaWolf has met all the criteria for his next promotion by earning eight service ribbons, reaching level five on the BF's Discord server, and joining the USS Altai RPG. RaWolfe has not stopped there, however. He has gone above and beyond, accumulating no less than 22 service ribbons (inclusive of those mentioned above), four duty ribbons and a campaign ribbon. His participation in competitions has been equally relentless, submitting to seven in total. This is truly impressive work and reflects a sincere effort to get involved with all aspects of the Bravo Fleet community. For this, I say thank you RaWolfe and congratulations on reaching the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade!
    30 August 2022
  • Promoted to Ensign

    • Sazra Praugol (aka RaWolfe on discord) has exemplified the ideals of Starfleet Academy since returning to Bravo Fleet. RaWolfe has shown curiosity about this organization by following Bravo Fleet on Twitter, and has shown an intention for community and civilization by authenticating their Discord account on the Bravo Fleet Discord Server to actively engage in dialogue with other players, especially the Task Force 17 Lounge. Moreover, RaWolfe has completed a journey of education and self-reflection by earning the New Member Program badge and earning the Character Creation Program Badge from Bravo Fleet Academy. For meeting these criteria, I am thrilled to nominate RaWolfe for promotion.

      Congratulations on progressing to Ensign at warp speed!!
    22 August 2022
  • Promoted to Cadet Senior Grade

    • By jumping into Altai boldly, you've earned at least one service ribbon (you've earned two, in fact), which means you're promoted to Cadet Senior Grade! Congratulations, Cadet! The whole Academy is looking up to you now.
    21 August 2022
  • Promoted to Cadet Junior Grade

    • RaWolfe storms up to Cadet: Junior grade by joining the USS Altai RPG. Keep at it!
    20 August 2022
  • Promoted to Cadet Sophomore Grade

    • Flying start reaching level 1 on Discord already! Nicely done!
    19 August 2022
  • Promoted to Cadet Freshman Grade

    18 August 2022