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Alexander Beckett's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Admiral

    • It is with no uncertainty that I say that without Vice Admiral Alexander Beckett, who most will recognize as Cath on Discord, Bravo Fleet would not be where it is today. Cath was last recognized with a promotion to Vice Admiral about 16 months ago for all of her herculean efforts as the 72CO in the early days of my current administration as BFCO, before sliding over into the Chief of Staff role and setting a lot of the groundwork for what we have today, and then to the artist formerly known as the Loremaster position - currently the BF Intel Officer spot. Cath rose above and beyond in all of those positions which gave her the well earned promotion to Vice Admiral. But the thing is... it hasn't stopped. She is still pushing far above and beyond what is asked or expected of her.

      As a member of Bravo Fleet she has led by example. Since her last promotion, Cath has participated in 6 competitions, placing in 5 of them earning her 2 Action Medals with Galaxy Cluster and 3 Action Medals with Planet Cluster. On the competition front she has also organized 15 competitions, including massive efforts during the 2022 Fleet Action: Sundered Wings. But where Cath really slays is in writing. Since her last promotion, Cath has earned 34 Duty Ribbons for writing with others, and an astonishing 1,902 Service Ribbons totaling 475,500 words of fiction written! To say Cath is one of the most prolific writers in Bravo Fleet would be an understatement, and her additions to Bravo Fleet lore and canon through her writing are invaluable assets for others to use.

      As Intel Officer (formerly Loremaster) over the past 16 months, Cath has been equally as impressive. While compiling this nomination I was trying to go through and think of all of the things that Cath has done for the Intel Office when I realized: every single change, upgrade, update, Campaign... literally anything the Intel Office has produced in the past 16 months has been at the direct hands of Cath. Much of what she touches is also consumed by the fleet as a whole. Bravo Fleet is still very much a writing organization at its core and most of our membership deals with the writing aspect. So many interact with Cath, what she produces, and her guiding hand in our shared canon that she diligently and respectfully tries to maintain so that it is free and fair to everyone who wants to participate. The stories and workshopping of Campaigns, the Fleet Action storylines, Priority Missions, the leadership and direction of the Canon Team which produces all of the fleet's ship specifications... you name it, it is her direct hand that went into it. A good example of her work is her most recent triumph which was coordinating with the staff of TF17 to produce the Blood Dilithium Campaign. With that she worked with the staff to create the story, the hook, the progression to the end, and all with TF staffers who effectively had never done something like it before. The results of Blood Dilithium and its popularity speak for itself when it comes to how well she was able to coordinate and mentor with TF17 to pull it all off!

      For all of her achievements over the past 16 months, I'm happy to award Cath this well deserved promotion to Admiral. Congratulations!
    22 December 2022
  • Promoted to Vice Admiral

    • Rear Admiral Alexander Beckett, Cath, or LadyBlue, as most people know her, has been an integral part of the Bravo Fleet community for many years. But her most recent tenure in the fleet has been one marked with incredible achievement and progress far above and beyond what would ever be expected. Since returning to the fleet for the new model, she has been an integral member of leadership serving first as TF72CO, then Chief of Staff, and now as Loremaster.

      But as a regular member, she excels as well! Since her last promotion in April of 2020, has accumulated 3 Action Medals with a Galaxy Cluster, 25 Duty Ribbons for posts made on roleplaying games, and a whopping 1613 Service Ribbons for fiction written which equates to approximately 404,000 words written! Additionally, for all of her efforts, Cath has earned herself a Starfleet Medal of Commendation, a Meritorious Service Cross, and a Christopher Pike Medal of Valor.

      But her tenure in various staff positions is where she has really excelled. As Chief of Staff she jumped right in, essentially being the first functional Chief of Staff for Bravo Fleet. Where there was little to no work done before her, she went in and got right to work. She laid the groundwork and created nearly all of the policies, awards, and rank requirements that still exist to this day. She was constantly measuring the activity of members against the promotion requirements in the lower ranks to determine how well Bravo Fleet had its pulse on what the membership wanted to do, activity wise. The standards and operational procedures put into place during her tenure as Chief of Staff are the same that the OCS uses today.

      When she jumped over to become Loremaster, it was no different. If anything, it was even more work, but she was up to it. Cath immediately got to work creating different aspects of the Lore office that she believed (and was completely right!) the membership of Bravo Fleet would latch onto. Writing campaigns? Check. Intricate plot campaigns in the Fleet Action? Check. Weekly fiction updates for people to chew on? Double check. Suffice it to say, under Cath’s leadership, the Bravo Fleet Lore Office has been an extremely well-oiled and successful machine bringing multiple different facets and activities to the membership of Bravo Fleet. I truly can’t imagine anyone else who could’ve been as successful as she has been. Quite literally every program under canon or writing involved in Bravo Fleet has been a direct result of Cath’s efforts.

      Congratulations, Cath!
    04 September 2021
  • Promoted to Rear Admiral

    25 April 2020
  • Promoted to Commodore

    23 April 2020