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Torkan Marek

Andorian Male

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Lieutenant Commander Marek




Torkan Marek



Currently assigned to the Diplomatic Corps as an Intervention and Culture Specialist. With advanced knowledge of Politics and Alien Cultures particularly the Dominion and Gamma Quadrant species in the post 2375 political climate.


Gorman was born on November 8th 2350 at the Federation Embassy on Betazed. His father was a member of the Diplomatic Delegation assigned to the Embassy on Betazed.

When he was 10 years old his family relocated to London on Earth and that is what he considers to be his home. He grew up as the son of a politician and developed a keen interest in diplomacy. But his uncle was his idol, at the time he was the Second Officer on the USS Versailles and told him stories of the many things in space. From there he knew Starfleet was for him.

When he was old enough he applied for Starfleet Academy with support of his Uncle and with some reluctance his father. He was accepted as a Diplomatic Cadet and undertook his studies. Torkan graduated 4th in his overall Class with a major in Federation History and Advanced Alien Culture studies.

His first assignment was to the Diplomatic Corps during the height of the Dominion Wars. Torkan served as an Attaché to the Intervention team and witnessed some of the atrocities inflicted by the Jem’Hadar. Following the armistice and complete surrender of the Dominion, Torkan and his team were relocated to Cardassia as part of the occupation force and tried to establish a working government.

Torkan was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and given a position as a team leader in the intervention team. He and his team were assigned to the USS Helios up until the following year when they were assigned to assist in the fallout of the Shinzon Coup on Romulus.

Torkan built a reputation as a skilled negotiator during his time in the intervention team and earned respect from the Romulans and the Klingons for his attitude. He moved to Earth in 2381 taking a position at the Diplomatic Corps Offices with a promotion to Lieutenant.

In 2384 he was called to mediate a dispute between the Ferengi and the Orions after brief Skirmishes between the two. He was subject to an attempted assassination attempt by the Orions only to see it exposed. Negotiations continued and both sides worked a profitable compromise.

He became a Lieutenant Commander as of 2386 and started teaching at Starfleet Academy, he was a guest lecturer in the Advanced Culture studies course. Teaching was something he enjoyed deeply.

Tensions between the Klingons and Gorn started to mount in the early part of 2388 and Oscar worked with both governments to try and avoid bloodshed but it worked out only marginally as skirmishes continued.

His time was cut short as he was reassigned to the Tragia Cluster, a corridor of space that connected several of the Beta Quadrant powers in a fashion. He worked with the native Tragians to try and find a way for them all to live together peacefully. That came in the shape of Unity Station. A Federation station designed to broker peace in the region.

Torgan served as the Tragian Liason until reassignment in 2388