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Join fellow gamers in our Star Trek Online and World of Warships fleets! Interested in playing with us? Join our Discord server!

What is gaming in Bravo Fleet?
Bravo Fleet is a multi-faceted Star Trek club that offers many activities, including gaming! Gaming in Bravo Fleet is picking up any type of video game and playing, representing Bravo Fleet for your gaming, and playing with other like-minded Bravo Fleet members through multiple platforms and genres. Officially we support both Star Trek Online and World of Warships, but you can play any game with and as a Bravo Fleet member if you so choose.
How can I participate?
Participating is simple. After joining Bravo Fleet by signing up for an account here, you can participate in one of our supported games and report your activity via screenshots. You can also participate in one of our hosted gaming nights, which we try to do on a regular basis, which includes officially supported games and party games. We coordinate all through Bravo Fleet’s official Discord server so you may even be able to group up right now.
Record your activity!
Whether you're a member of our in-game fleets or not, recording your gaming activity can be used towards a promotion! Check out Bravo Fleet's Gaming Policy to learn about what awards you get for each activity, and then look at Bravo Fleet's ranks to learn about what's required for your next promotion! The rank system is just one of many ways we reward our members for spending time with us and just being a member!

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