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Sarish Luvol

Trill Female

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Lieutenant Sarish-Illiana


Sarish-Illiana Luvol



Sarish has had a tough life, she is the first in her family to be successfully joined to a trill symbiont.
Because of the joining, she has knowledge coming out of her ears.


As a child, Sarish had a love for helping others. She helped her friends with anything they needed, ranging from fixing their toys to mediating feuds between their friends and siblings.
As Sarish grew up, she did more to help others. When she was old enough she traveled off world with a family friend, to give help to those who needed it. She had been to more worlds than anyone in her family could have imagined.

Although her parents didn’t like the fact she travelled so much with no qualifications under her. Admittedly, Sarish did one day want to be a joined Trill, but her childhood peers had told her that you didn’t have a life as a joined trill as the symbiont takes control, and this scared her.

While giving aid to another planet, she met another Trill, who was Joined. The Trill was named Savil Luvol, they conversed about being a joined trill on the way home and in that he put Sarish’s mind at ease about being a joined trill.

After giving it some thought, Sarish applied for to the Trill Commission for the Initiation Programme.
She did whatever it took to pass the tests, but continuing the tests would be short as she was chosen to be joined and apparently the previous host refused to have anyone else.

After being joined, much to the disgust of many in the Symbiont commission. She found it hard to control the memories of the previous hosts, but she overcame them and gained control.

By the time she was 20, she joined Starfleet, she studied in lots of areas such as Medical, Diplomatics, Science and Engineering.
Her parents didnt like the fact she joined Starfleet but accepted it because as always Sarish was helping others at the same time as doing a duty.

She spent five of her first years out of the Academy, with admirals doing diplomatic duties, and doing better than some of the admirals.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2378 - 2383 Diplomatic Officer Starfleet Command
2377 - 2378 Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy
2375 - 2377 Diplomatics Cadet Starfleet Academy
2374 - 2375 Science Cadet Starfleet Academy
2372 - 2374 Medical Cadet Starfleet Academy