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About the Denver

It’s 2374 and the Alpha and Beta Quadrants are in the grips of a life and death struggle against the Dominion.

Rebecca Talon had left Starfleet after the horrors of the Battle of Wolf 359.  Once a promising officer,  she is reluctantly pressed back into service due to the necessities of War.  When her captain is killed during the Battle of Tyra she is suddenly thrust into the center seat of one of Starfleet’s most advanced starships. Does she have the skills to bring her crew home from this destructive conflict and help Starfleet do the seemingly impossible; stop the Dominion before the entire quadrant is under their heel?



started January 1, 2022
Open mission for character backstory, and events taking place prior to DS9’s “A Time to Stand” (S6:E1) or the year 2400.
Flight of the Valkyries
started January 3, 2022 and ended February 4, 2022
Captain Micah Fitzpatrick leads the Denver with the Seventh Fleet on a daring raid into Dominion territory at the Tyre System. The battle doesn’t go well and 98 of the 112 ships are destroyed. Captain Fitzpatrick is also killed leaving the XO to get the ship back to Federation lines. In 2400 Commander Ethan Talon assembles old and new members of his team and leads them on training exercises in the Vulcan deserts.
started February 2, 2022 and ended April 25, 2022
Limping into Starbase 75 the USS Denver and what remains of the Seventh Fleet try to put the pieces back together and come to terms with such loss. With no one else to replace the late captain, Commander Rebecca Talon is promoted to captain and given command of the Denver.
War is War
started April 25, 2022 and ended September 28, 2022
After two months of repairs and refit the USS Denver rejoins the fight with the Seventh’s newly formed 91st Task Forced based on Forkin VII. Forkin is a Betazed Colony not far from the Betazoid homeworld, and the 91st is tasked with supporting the 10th Fleet and conducting border security.
Can't Come Home Again Part:1
started September 28, 2022 and ended October 6, 2022
The very fate of the Federation hangs in the balance in a life and death struggle to retake Deep Space 9 from the Dominion and prevent thousands of enemy ships from flooding into the Alpha Quadrant. Just one problem… Task Force 91 is sidelined from the conflict. Instead of heading to the frontlines Denver heads for Earth to protect it from a possible Dominion attack. At least the crew gets shore leave out of the deal… maybe.
Can't Come Home Again Part:2
started October 6, 2022
A strange compound is being constructed in Montana, and there is evidence that the kidnapping of Captain Nicholas Ryder’s daughter Angelica is connected to the compound. What it means is anyone’s guess, but some of the crew of the Denver finds themselves in Montana giving one member a chance to reconcile with family. But, will he? Meanwhile the Denver engages in mock battle with the Vulcans.
Can't Come Home Again Part: 3
started October 13, 2022 and ended January 1, 2023
With Dominus' and Bellitor's plot exposed can the Denver crew stop them before its too late?
A Day Late and a Dollar Short
started January 1, 2022 and ended August 25, 2023
With the fleet out of position to protect Betazed, the Dominion invades the Federation planet. How many people can the crew of the Denver help evacuate before it’s too late?
The Unlikely Alliance
started August 25, 2023
In the aftermath of the Romulans joining the war effort, the USS Denver is tasked with coordinating a joint mission with a Romulan warbird to gather intelligence on a strategically significant Dominion shipyard. Captain Talon must navigate the cultural differences and longstanding enmity between Starfleet and Romulan officers. The story explores the complexities of forming an alliance amidst deep-rooted distrust while facing the dangerous mission to uncover Dominion shipyard secrets.

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USS Denver
Starfleet (2370s)
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