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Part of Bravo Fleet: Labyrinth

USS Helios: Echoes in the Weeds

When Helios is assigned to the Badlands to field test a new sensor system an unexpected journey puts the crew in danger and opens the door to discovery.

Mission Description

USS Helios has been assigned to support the Starfleet Corps of Engineers as a platform for an experimental new sensor system, KINetick NETwork IdentifiCation Apparatus  (KINETICA). Whilst testing the new system the ship is caught by surprise by the opening of a spatial anomoly and thrust across the galaxy.

Dragged into the Underspace, can Helios find its way home? And who will they encounter on the way.

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About the Mission

USS Helios
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17 July 2024

Beneath the Lintel (pt. 10)

USS Helios: Echoes in the Weeds

A thick, sugar-rich scent hung throughout the modest cabin, its scavenged walls and repurposed furnishings heavy with the sweet smoke that tickled the tongue and twitched the nostrils. The remodelled chairs and hand-hemmed curtains suffused with the indefinable mix of spices and seasonings that was [...]

10 July 2024

It Might Kill Me to Breathe (pt. 9)

USS Helios: Echoes in the Weeds

The silence was comfortable in the forward lounge as the delta shift rolled into its fourth hour. The last of the chattering ensigns had finally returned their plates to the temporary kitchen set up against the aft bulkhead to make the emergency field rations more appealing. The cook had powered [...]

10 July 2024

Playing with Marbles (pt. 8)

USS Helios: Echoes in the Weeds

From orbit the gas giant seemed peaceful, an oversized red marble suspended in the perfectly clear amber of space, timeless and still. Even from the neighbourly distance of 800 thousand kilometres, (for what is a few thousand kilometres between friends on a canvas measured in lightyears) the [...]

8 July 2024

Stranger and Stranger Still (pt. 7)

USS Helios: Echoes in the Weeds

The two men look like mountains, their shoulders sit higher than Uncle Tos and he has to stoop to get in the door when he comes to visit. Mother tells him to ‘watch his head’ but it never helps, we always laugh as he knocks his big rusty forehead on the lintel before stooping so low he could [...]