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Part of Bravo Fleet: Labyrinth

Eos Station: Vanishing Point

As unpredictable apertures cause ships to mysteriously vanish across the Federation, Captain Mitchell, grounding all traffic on Eos Station, must work with Commander Tindall to restore order and find their missing crew.

Mission Description

“In crisis, be aware of the danger—but recognize the opportunity.” – John F. Kennedy


Tensions on Eos Station have reached a breaking point. Apertures are unpredictably opening across the Federation, causing ships to vanish or materialize out of thin air. In an effort to maintain control, Captain Mitchell orders the station to yellow alert, grounding all traffic until the situation is deemed safe.

Her mission is clear: prevent the situation from spiraling further out of control. The crisis hits close to home when the runabout Tyson, carrying four of her crew, disappears without a trace. With both civilian and Federation ships affected, Captain Mitchell must rely on Commander Tindall and the Edison to help restore order and locate their missing crew.

About the Mission

Eos Station
In Progress
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Start Date

17 July 2024

Shattered Silence

Eos Station: Vanishing Point

The station shook violently, throwing Elena and Harris from their chairs as they ate lunch. The lights flashed briefly as a low rumble echoed through the station. Without warning, alarms blared, and the emergency klaxons signaled. Something catastrophic had taken place. Both Officers exchanged [...]

11 July 2024

Tactical Diplomacy

Eos Station: Vanishing Point

The main docking bay of Eos Station hummed with the usual activity of officers and crew members going about their duties. The general feeling, however, hinted at something far from normal duties. Captain Mitchell stood at the center of the bay, with Commander Harris at her side. Together, they were [...]

11 July 2024

Tangled Webs

Eos Station: Vanishing Point

Elena sat behind the desk, looking out over her office, just sitting there. The only sound was the tapping of the Captain’s fingers as she strummed her left hand across the desk. The only light came from the dimly lit console in front of her. She had been sitting there for what had to have been [...]

30 June 2024

The Fractured Sky

Eos Station: Vanishing Point

A noticable tension floated through Ops as the crew executed Elena’s orders. Elena herself couldn’t believe she had ordered the station to lock down, but she stood firm. It was important. As the chaos of alarms and status reports filled the air, Elena tried to remain relaxed.  It wasn’t [...]