USS Gagarin: The Unknown

The Gagarin is ordered to head towards Rhijun within the Velorum Sector.

Mission Description

The USS Gagarin is currently docked at Devron Fleet Yards undergoing crew assignments. Captain Derohl receives word from Task Force 93 Command that they are to head toward Rhijun within Romulan Space. The planet seems to be experiencing the Terrellian Plague that is affecting the Romulan inhabitance, as well as some Remans, have begun to experience symptoms. They are requesting Starfleet’s assistance as they don’t have the medical technology to deal with the situation. The Gagarin is dispatched to assist the inhabitance that has come down with the plague.

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19 March 2023

4 - The Unknown

USS Gagarin: The Unknown

Starbase 93’s promenade was the life of the station. The buzz of activity as people made their way throughout, entering shops or going to grab something to eat at one of the local restaurants. Teila Zoran was sitting in one of the local coffee shops, nestled in the far corner that was located by [...]

8 March 2023

3 - The Unknown

USS Gagarin: The Unknown

Starbase 93, better known as Devron Fleet Yards within the Devron sector, was a hub of activity. Being so close to the old Romulan Neutral Zone they tend to get a lot of traffic. The headquarters of Task Force 93 and humanitarian efforts, made the starbase even busier. It was a starbase that Dedre [...]

26 January 2023

2 - The Unknown

USS Gagarin: The Unknown

Nilah Virahl had spent her first year after graduating from the academy serving onboard Starbase Bravo. She was enjoying her time within the shipyards and figured she would be there for at least a few years before being reassigned. Though that would not be the case as she sat on a transport that [...]

27 December 2022

1 - The Unknown

USS Gagarin: The Unknown

It was a beautiful day on Trill, the warm crisp sun was shining. One could hear the softness of the breeze blowing around them, with birds sitting in the trees talking amongst each other was a beautiful sound to hear. Tajir was sitting outside on the deck of his home, relaxing and enjoying the day [...]